Twinduro Rally

Challenge yourself and have fun along the way.


The seventh and last Twinduro Rally was held on saturday, September 3rd, 2016.

Twinduro Rally is a team event for motorcyclists. The team join efforts solving tasks and finding their way. Of help in the rally may be GPS, topographical maps, route descriptions and roadbooks, and the rally also entails various physical, technical and mental challenges.

A rally team may be two or three individual riders, possibly with passengers.

The rally makes use of roads with public access only. These will often be minor and curvy roads and even with a loose surface. Occasionally you may be directed towards private areas (with permission).

The rally includes competitive elements and each team supremely decides how important these are for the team. We follow the philosophy that participating, being challenged, and having a good time with peers beats taking home the trophy.

Speed will never be a competitive issue in the rally. Each rider may hence find his or her own favorite tempo - within the framework of the law.

Riders are expected to respect signposting and to ride with consideration and care.